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Lexus GS400 Control Arm Bushing Kit

Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings for Lexus

Restore original road feel and handling characteristics. Replaces worn OE Lexus rubber bushings, which crack and deteriorate over time. A sensible (and permanent!) alternative to purchasing $500+ OEM replacement control arms!

Daizen Sport Tuning high performance polyurethane control arm bushings eliminate unsafe driving conditions and poor handling by allowing minimal deflection of the control arms during dynamic vehicle operation. Unwanted camber, caster and toe change become a thing of the past, with control arms operating only in their designated arc and suspension travel parameters. Irregular tire wear on your Lexus is nearly eliminated, which is usually the result of the inability of the vehicle to retain proper alignment toe settings during driving.

The inherent characteristic of all rubber bushings is wear and deterioration over time. Hot/cold cycling, road salt and other extreme road conditions will accelerate this condition. Bushings causing typical Lexus tire-wear issues occur in as little as 30,000 miles and almost always by 70-80,000 miles.

Some symptoms of deteriorated bushing problems are: Excessive tire wear; the inability to properly align the vehicle; audible "clunk" noises from floorboard area, especially when turning or backing up; wandering and/or unstable steering especially at higher speeds; unstable braking; vibration at higher speeds.

An increase in braking stability is realized, due to the fact that the control arms do not shift or oscillate forward and backward under the extreme lateral loads experienced during heavy braking.

If other suspension upgrades such as springs, struts or sway bars are installed, the benefits of each will be maximized when used in conjunction with these bushings.

The lower durometer hardness of these bushing sets is not like typical aftermarket hard durometer bushing kits, which while improving handling, also significantly degrade a vehicle's ride quality and comfort level.
Note: Each kit contains bushings to service both sides on one vehicle, and services one complete vehicle



1992-1996 Lexus SC300/SC400
1997-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400
1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400
1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400
2002-2009 Lexus SC430
1993-1997 Lexus GS300
1998-1999 Lexus GS300/GS400
2000-2005 Lexus GS300/GS400/GS430
1990-1994 Lexus LS400
1995-2000 Lexus LS400
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
Rear Control Arm Bushing Set
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
In development
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
Front Control Arm Bushing Set
Available 6/09
* Non-press-in kit. Requires original lower four bushings to be removed by heating with torch. Original OEM outer metal shells and inner sleeves are retained and reused.
** Requires two original outer bushing shells to be removed, and replacements pressed in. Otherwise similar to S1-2002 above.
*** Press-in kit. Requires original metal outer shells to be removed, and new shells to be pressed in. Includes new inner sleeves.
**** Does not service strut rod bushing.
Performance and upgrade parts designed exclusively for Lexus vehicles
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