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Can I buy parts for my Lexus directly from Daizen Sport Tuning?

Sorry, we only distribute our parts through our authorized dealer network. This allows you to receive more personalized service, and most importantly, better after-sale support.

How much is the installation?

Installation prices will vary, depending upon who is doing the work. We cannot estimate what these costs will be, and it is entirely up to the establishment that is performing the job. We have two authorized installation centers that have been thoroughly qualified and can recommend at this time, please look them up on our Where to Buy page.

Can I install these parts myself?

If you have experience with performance parts installation, our parts should be fairly straightforward. Beware that control arm bushing installation is a tedious and involved process, and may require specialized tools and knowledge for proper installation.

Also remember that virtually every instance we have encountered with supposedly faulty products, bad design, etc. were traced back to a botched installation, with the owner swearing up and down that they did a tremendously excellent installation.

Remember, just because something comes with instructions, this is not a green light to jump right in and install it yourself.

Will these parts void my warranty?

Not necessarily. For any dealership or warranty fulfillment organization to actually void any part of a warranty or refuse a claim, they would first need to prove that the parts in question actually caused or contributed to a covered componentís failure. This of course can become quite subjective and is beyond the scope of our FAQ information. For further details, please consult your attorney or legal representative.

I have irregular tire wear, do I need a camber kit?

The answer is a resounding, MAYBE. This answer depends on many factors, including control arm bushing and other suspension component condition, and your Lexus' current alignment specifications.

One indisputable automotive fact - is that bad toe settings on your alignment will wear out your tires MUCH quicker than any bad camber settings. If your camber is negative 2 degrees or less and your tires are wearing out within a few thousand miles, you are probably having toe issues more than you are having camber issues. We recommend your camber be set anywhere between negative 0.5 and negative 1.0, for optimum handling and acceptable tire wear. Anything up to negative 1.5 degrees will still give more than decent tire wear. Negative camber beyond negative 2 degrees is not recommended unless you have some specific reason for doing so. The best way to determine if you need to correct your camber beyond the factory adjustments is to have your current alignment specifications checked.

Additional notes on tire wear: Many shops will automatically tell you that you need a camber correction kit as soon as they see the inside or outside edges of your front tires wearing prematurely. These people usually have no idea what they are talking about, as they don't bother to check your alignment specifications before giving this advice, and even more so, they tell you this after doing your alignment and setting your front camber to the negative 1.5 degrees or less (as mentioned above).

Lexus vehicles are notorious for premature front tire wear, and we have concluded that this is due to worn control arm bushings. The bushings may appear to be ok, and even pass the quick "prybar test," but once your Lexus reaches 50-60,000 miles, you will definitely notice the effects of this wear. If your steering is not as stable as it used to be on the freeway, you are having odd vibrations at higher speeds, or your Lexus is a little unstable during hard braking, you probably have some worn out control arm bushings. The GS chassis is especially susceptible to this syndrome, and more often than not, a front control arm bushing service will eliminate any tire wear issues completely.

Do urethane bushings squeak?

If not installed properly, yes. If installed properly, virtually impossible. Advances in lubricants have allowed urethane suspension components to have considerably long service intervals, sometimes on the order of two to three years, sometimes longer. This can be affected by mileage driven, environment, and type of component. In all situations, bushings should be installed (and serviced) ONLY with the included Daizen Sport Tuning grease. Additional service grease can be purchased from any of our dealers in packs of four or twelve.

Squeaking that occurs shortly after installation always points to a faulty installation. It is pretty much impossible for squeaking to start within a few weeks or a few months if the grease is in the right spot. This is usually caused by improper component preparation prior to reassembly, or simply not knowing where the grease is supposed to go due to mechanical inexperience. It is strongly recommended to have bushings installed by a qualified technician who has experience with urethane bushing installations. Remember, if a shop has been around forever, it still doesn't mean they have experience or knowledge with bushing installation.

For entertainment purposes, here is an actual quote from someone posting very authoritatively on a Lexus forum: " ...on my 1990 ls400, i had a mechanic installed daizen bushings on both upper control arms about 2 months ago, and now they squeak badly (too bothersome even with windows up). i have to spray silicon on them every 2 weeks...my mechanic allowed me to lube the bushings before installation. maybe the lube dried out so fast. then that's not a good lube though...i'll use sil-glyde tube on the daizen bushings at the upper control arms..."

How often do I have to service my bushings?

As mentioned above, different factors can affect the service intervals. Rain or snow climates tend to require more frequent servicing, along with very dusty or sandy areas. Only Daizen Sport Tuning service grease should be used to service your bushings. Any other grease will not last more than a few weeks, sometimes even less!

If you have used other grease or lubricants, these will need to be completely cleaned off to prevent contamination of the Daizen Sport Tuning grease.

Parts for my Lexus model aren't listed, do you have parts for it?

We are constantly developing new applications, so parts for your Lexus may already be in the works. Any product that we release will have already been tested for many thousands of miles, to ensure that you ultimately have a truly trouble-free product.

Check back frequently in our Products section to see if we have any new applications available.

Will you have any new products or items in the future?

Definitely, YES! We are always looking to develop new parts and applications, if there is something that you think would be worthwhile to produce, please let us know, we would be happy to hear from you.

What do sway bars do? What do control arm bushings do? etc.

A fairly detailed description of items are listed in each of the product sections. For more detailed information, please look in our technical section, where more in-depth information is presented. If you have any further or specific technical questions, please feel free to contact TM Engineering, as they have extensive knowledge and experience with both the installation of our products, and custom and race applications.

Do I need two kits for my Lexus, or do I need just one?

All kits and items we sell contain components to service ONE COMPLETE VEHICLE. Some companies have confused this situation by selling certain items separately for left or right, upper or lower, etc. We do not feel this is right, and more often than not these companies do this to make their prices appear to be cheaper, since everything is priced individually.

Daizen Sport Tuning ONLY sells products as complete kits, so a Front Control Arm Bushing Kit will contain bushings for all of the front arms, and will service one complete vehicle. Nothing additional is needed, unless specified.
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